Wednesday :: Aug 8, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

I'm pulling an Atrios today and sub'ing this piece: What Digby Said. Once more Digby speaks for me. I'm extremely upset by politicians who so easily give away our rights because they imagine they know better than we do what to fear. Well, screw them. It's time to give them some harsh civics lessons so they too care about the Constitution they swore to protect.

And how the hell does Diane Feinstein think she can "just trust" Alberto Gonzales to do the right thing? Evidently there is something so scary that Bush whispered in her ears that she decided trusting Abu was required. Sorry, I'm not so gullible and I'm very angry that she made that decision. A Blue State Senator who sold us down the river. That is the definition of a wanker.

Your turn now.

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