Wednesday :: Aug 8, 2007

Hillary: "I'm Your Girl!"

by Jeff Dinelli

"...for 15 years I have stood up against the right wing machine, and I have come out stronger. So if you want a winner who knows how to take them on, I'm your girl."

Last night's debate at Soldier Field was a lively one, with 15,000 labor representatives running roughshod over Keith Olbermann's appeals to hold their applause. Kucinich even had them chanting "No to NAFTA! No to the WTO!" Good stuff. Obama was attacked for his recent statements suggesting attacking Pakistan, both from candidates on the stage and by a group of Pakistani-Americans who met him at the airport (when Hillary questioned his judgement, she was booed by the hometown crowd). Edwards and Obama continued their criticism of Hillary for accepting donations from corporate lobbyists, while the NY Senator appealed for Dems to quit fighting each other and unifying behind winning in '08, in other words, "Get behind me and I'll win this thing." Little early for that, Hill. She does continue to pleasantly suprise everytime one of these events unfolds as being quite reasonable, studied, and appearing, dare I say it, presidential.

In other news, a new poll shows Hillary extending her huge leads in swing states Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Watch for her to lie back and let the fight come to her as these numbers continue to expand.

Finally, from the creepy desk comes word that a new book, "The Preacher and the Presidents," will detail Hillary's long-standing relationship with Billy Graham. Time will publish excerpts this Friday. In the big picture, this would certainly not hurt Hillary in a general election, as she hasn't been shy expounding on her strong Methodist faith, but....Billy Graham??

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