Thursday :: Aug 9, 2007

Bush Sounds Drugged

by Steve

AP photo at today's press conference

I'm listening to the live broadcast of Bush's last press conference before he goes to clear more brush and adds to his Lyme disease on his summer recess, and one thing stands out: the man sounds drugged.

Aside from the usual selective memory about what the GOP congress did for the first six years of his administration, and the inflated claims about what his tax cuts have done for our economy these last six years, this guy sounds like he is under the influence of something. His answers are slow, overly measured, scripted, and without any energy, emotion or changes in cadence. There have been several small stumbles in some of his answers, but the media is used to that and writes those off. Yet this guy sounds like he is one step away from passing out.

Sure, he attacked Congress today for how it prioritizes transportation projects, but he neglects to mention that he never raised a peep about this during the six years the GOP ran those committees. And I'm sure he will get excited when he talks about how he wants to give Corporate America another round of tax cuts to keep them competitive, but he won't tell us how he will make up that money or from whose pocket it will come from. I really don't think that at a time of record corporate profits and cash reserves, where that cash went for mergers and buying back stock, that Main Street will support the US Treasury being raided once again just so Wall Street can pile up more cash and send more jobs overseas. If the GOP wants to run next year on more tax cuts for Wall Street and taking money from Social Security and Medicare, bring it on.

Let's hope that Bush shakes off this lethargy and shows that he has a pulse before the end of the conference. Or gets a nap. And perhaps he can explain his concern about "easy money" as a result of his policies and then turn around and call for more corporate tax cuts.

Update: In the interest of fairness to Bush (yeah, I know, pigs must be flying), he did say in his press conference today that any corporate tax reduction would be revenue-neutral and would be paid for by closing corporate tax preferences. Good.

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