Thursday :: Aug 9, 2007

Hillary's Infrastructure Plan; Interesting Upcoming Schedule

by Jeff Dinelli

Citing an "infrastructure crisis," Senator Clinton presented her plan for action yesterday.

Clinton proposed:

A $10 billion, 10-year emergency repair fund to address the most critical infrastructure needs.

$250 million in emergency assistance grants to states to finance safety reviews of their highest-risk structures.

A new commission to assess engineering review standards to "better prioritize needed repairs on bridges and roads."
Clinton also called for $1.5 billion more per year for public transportation, linking federal mass transit funds to local land use policies that encourage residential development to maximize transit usage, $1 billion over five years for intercity passenger rail systems, a 50 percent increase -- to $600 million -- in the Department of Transportation's congestion reduction budget and $50 million a year to increase teleconferencing among federal agencies.

She said the plan wouldn't require an increased gas tax but could be paid for by cutting waste and using funds left over when we start withdrawing from Iraq.

Today Hillary will address the National Association of Black Journalists in Las Vegas. Barack Obama will appear before the group tomorrow. The battle between the two leading candidates for the vital African-American vote figures to be a tight one, with Hillary leading Obama at this point, probably because her husband was regarded as the "first black president" and trust in the Clintons has remained strong in the black community. Something to keep an eye on.

She later tonight will participate in the first ever televised forum to focus on homosexual issues, to be shown on cable channel Logo. All Dem candidates will be there except Biden and Dodd. Logo's offer to the Repubs to hold a similar forum for them was shockingly denied. One point of contention is the fact that none of the leading candidates are showing support for legalizing gay marriage.

Meanwhile, despite her 18 point lead in the latest polls, her rivals say this thing ain't over yet.

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