Thursday :: Aug 9, 2007

Another Flip-Flop

by Steve

2005 White House photo of Bush telling Denny how proud he is

Bush today, complaining about how Congress prioritizes transportation projects:

You know, it's an interesting question about how Congress spends and prioritizes highway money. My suggestion would be that they revisit the process by which they spend gasoline money in the first place.
As you probably know, the Public Works Committee is the largest committee -- one of the largest committees in the House of Representatives. From my perspective, the way it seems to have worked is that each member on that committee gets to set his or her own priority first, and then whatever is left over is spent through a funding formula. That's not the right way to prioritize the people's money. So before we raise taxes which could affect economic growth, I would strongly urge the Congress to examine how they set priorities. And if bridges are a priority, let's make sure we set that priority first and foremost before we raise taxes.

Bush, two years ago, lavishing praise on how Congress prioritizes transportation projects:

I'm proud to be here to sign this transportation bill, because our economy depends on us having the most efficient, reliable transportation system in the world…
In other words, this is more than just a highway bill; it's a safety bill. The American people expect us to provide them with the safest possible transportation system, and this bill helps fulfill that obligation. This law makes our highways and mass transit systems safer and better, and it will help more people find work. And it accomplishes goals in a fiscally responsible way. We are not raising gasoline taxes in order to pay for this bill.
The United States Congress can be proud of what it has achieved in the Transportation Equity Act, and I'm proud to be right here in Denny Hastert's district to sign it.

As long as Denny put pork in GOP districts ahead of bridges, everything was fine apparently. I'm sure there is video somewhere of Bush's visit to the Caterpillar factory and yukking it up with Denny and the gang, telling Congress how great of a job they did back in 2005. Perhaps Crooks and Liars, Keith, or Jon Stewart could have some fun with this.

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