Friday :: Aug 10, 2007

Friday Afternoon Quick Hits

by Steve

Here are several Friday afternoon odds and ends for your comment and analysis.

According to Zogby, 88% of Americans want all foods to be labeled with its country of origin, with 70% of Americans willing to pay more for food made in America.

A new Pew poll finds that as Fox has become the main source of news for Republicans, it has turned the GOP against local newspapers, network news, and the national newspapers. At the same time, the favorability ratings for all cable news have declined since Pew began asking survey respondents their views about Fox.

Former Bush 43 speechwriter Michael Gerson has used an inflated reputation and a lot of self-promotion to better himself since he has left the White House, but the truth is that he wrote none of W’s speeches himself. And conservatives are seconding the notion that Gerson is a untalented phony.

Joe Biden tells Newsweek that he will not accept a Secretary of State slot in the next Democratic administration, and that he is running simply to have the opportunity to say what he thinks.

Read Rudy’s Five Big Lies about his 9/11 record and note that he is already backtracking after getting caught in those lies. Rudy, this is what it will be like every day during the general election campaign if Hillary follows my advice to set up a Tier One/Tier Two effort. John Edwards buzz-sawed Rudy today as well.

Hillary went after a critic yesterday in Las Vegas who accused her of supporting socialized medicine. She also threw his Fox News lies about Medicare and single-payer health care back in his face.

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