Saturday :: Aug 11, 2007

Hillary Campaign Update

by Jeff Dinelli

Interesting tidbits from the Clinton campaign:

She has surged to a huge lead in the New Hampshire polls, 36% to 19% for Obama. The feeling is her performances in the debates and forums combined with the Illinois Senator's stumbles talking about foreign policy has pushed Hillary ahead and placed her in a three-way tie in Iowa. Obama, for his part, feels Hillary will be a great VP choice when he wins the nomination, perhaps reaching out to Clinton after all the bickering going on between the campaigns recently.

In picking up SF Mayor Gavin Newsom's endorsement, Hillary also managed to wow Chris Andrews, the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park's associate director with her knowledge of green-building during a tour of the Academy's new structure, which is being contructed now. "It's exciting to tour someone who is so aware of the issues of sustainability, of green buildings and even the challenges of creating green buildings," said a shell-shocked-looking Chris Andrews, who as the academy's associate director led Clinton and Newsom through the $484 million structure. "I frankly did not expect that.

"I've led a lot of tours like this with a lot of officials, and believe me, this was pretty unusual to have someone understand what I was talking about." Hillary talked about her proposed $1 billion "green building" fund for states looking to increase energy efficiency, and said her wish is to set up a $50 billion fund to develop new energy technologies. In addition to making America less dependent on foreign oil, such research could create thousands of new "green-collar" jobs, she said -- "good jobs that can't be outsourced."

In September, Hillary will be part of a Univision-televised forum, presented in Spanish. Richardson and Dodd are the only other Dem candidates to throw their hats in so far.

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