Saturday :: Aug 11, 2007

Democrats Say Getting a Clue on Iraq May Take Years

by paradox

Politicians are careful, tentative people who don’t like to take principled stands, for it always ends up hurting or angering someone. Politicians get ahead by making people like them and leaving their options open, the less said about complex issues that expose their nuanced position in a tough spot the better.

American politicians also view as the kiss of death anything that bears their signature on a defeat for nationalism—the loss of a war, being humiliated in a hostage situation, being bullied by a coalition of powers—for they know their opposition will instantly use it against them: we would have won the war if you hadn’t quit so early, loser!

Even so, the current crop of top tier Democratic candidates really have no excuse for their clueless, so-cautious approach to the Iraq war should the Presidency become theirs. This is an extremely unpopular war we started and keep engaged in for the most heinous reasons: we attacked for what they might do to us, which turned out to be precisely nothing. Still Obama, Clinton and Edwards say we won’t immediately get out if elected.

The entire war is a crime. We don’t have the moral authority to dictate any solution or policy, and pretty soon we won’t have the tactical ability either, we’re breaking the Army and the Marine Corps. The puppet Iraqi government is a farce, not even having enough members for a quorum, when they’re in session. The entire would loathes us for being killing hypocritical crooks, the war costs billions a week and is a flaming moral and ethical disaster that makes us less safe.

Again, Democratic positions assume they have no media power at all, absolutely no mechanism to fight back and make their stands. So what if the Republicans blame you for losing the occupation if we pulled out in 2009, they can easily be pushed back by any number of methods and political rationales, many of them listed above.

Democrats also seem to possess an absurd notion that foreign policy “seriousness” or bona fides can only be accomplished through violence, only tough guys and gals can lead Americans, real killers, not those fairy peaceniks.

Both positions are totally absurd—Democratic candidates use the current media environment to launch their political positions, it will be there if they wanted to end the war. The 18% who still approve of Cheney thinks violence is the hallmark to American policy, but the rest of the country damn well knows the virtues of peace and wants the Iraq war ended. They want the lying, killing, atrocities against Iraqis, and insane spending stopped.

What voters truly do not like are weaklings who cannot take any principled stand on anything. The United States desperately needs a period of recovery from Bush, both here and abroad, and by far the best way to do that is to get immediately out of Iraq. Based on no conditions we have no power over anyway (civil war, genocide), based upon nothing that it’s the most urgently needed thing to do.

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