Sunday :: Aug 12, 2007

Sunday morning roundup

by eriposte

Glenn Greenwald continues to reveal - via an interview with O'Hanlon - the deeply fraudulent nature of the Michael O'Hanlon-Kenneth Pollack The Great Iraq War in Which Victory Looks to Be Around the Corner (TM) PR newswire printed by the New York Times and supported by the Brookings Institution. I used to think Brookings was a credible think-tank but after seeing the kind of utter charlatans they fund, I guess I need to think twice about their credibility. Glenn's entire post is an absolute must-read.

Glenn Smith writes at Open Left about the "DLC in a Nutshell".

Looks like the conservative blogosphere is atwitter again based on a correction issued by NASA on the mean US temperatures. Read Deltoid, Real Climate and Chapter 1 at Daily Kos for more on this non-controversy.

Stu Bykofsky and Faux News' John Gibson channel their inner Ann Coulter and pray for the mass murder of Americans.

Finally, have you been reading Marcy Wheeler's online blog posts at The Guardian's (UK) group blog "Comment is Free"? You should.

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