Sunday :: Aug 12, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards: The 2 Democratic Parties

by John Patric

While her husband has his signature "2 Americas" take, Elizabeth Edwards is developing her own sense of "two-ness" and hers applies to the Democratic Party. In an interview in a magazine without a current on-line presence (really now, how can you call yourself a magazine and not be on the Internet -- it's 2007 already, for Gawd's sake! Hire a technician -- many are looking for work), Liz basically says what we've got here is Dems who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk, except for a few, including hubby.

"The difference is between actual Democrats and rhetorical Democrats," she says. Indeed.

Roughly speaking, she's putting Clinton, Dodd, Biden and Richardson in the group that can't quite embrace the Democratic Party of old -- helping out poor people, supporting union workers, creating programs that benefit the people rather than the corporate lobbyist. When you hear a candidate utter a code phrase like "pro-growth Democrat" then you know you're dealing with a dinosaur from the 90's.

Then, among the "walk the walk" folks, I think she'd place her husband, as well as Barrack Obama and Dennis Kucinich.

This is a better template for Elizabeth than thinking out loud about who's at a disadvantage this year because of race or gender. You're headed into a thicket of trouble on that baby. Why even go there?

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