Tuesday :: Aug 14, 2007

Odds and Ends

by Mary

There are some interesting and important pieces to read on the blogs today.

Check out how Energize America is affecting energy policy in Congress from a session held at the YearlyKos Convention.

Glenn has an awfully important piece about how our country's bi-partisan position on foreign policy is predicated on the assumption that for America to be perceived as strong, it's assumed that America can wage preemptive and preventative wars and that America must be an empire. I believe this comes from the mis-guided and overpaid Military-Industrial complex which has eaten away any concept of how hubristic it is for us to think we should rule the world by fiat. And worse, the spending of our treasury for war and empire have completely diverted our attention to the things that matter: namely how does humanity survive the coming crisis caused by global warming? The end days of the American empire will not be pleasant for anyone.

Was Karl Rove a genius or just an overhyped nasty partisan who thought more of himself that he should have? Digby has an answer you won't want to miss. It's definitely depressing to be reminded that we still have 500 more days of Dick Cheney running everything that Karl didn't grab.

So what is Boy George up to? After vacation, he'll probably be high-fiving Abu everytime he "fast-paths" an execution. After all, this is something Dubya can sink his teeth into, so to speak.

What else is everyone reading?

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