Tuesday :: Aug 14, 2007

Sunni as Spoilers: At Least 190 Dead in Northern Iraq

by paradox

I met Dr. Juan Cole briefly when he visited UC Santa Cruz last year, and I was struck at the time how clear he made it the Sunni in Iraq would not, in any circumstance, accept exclusion from the future political structure of Iraq. American and Shia influences could do a very good job of excluding them in the present, for which the Sunni have an extremely effective counter: exclusion from the political system meant there would be no system at all. Shut us out and we’ll shut it down.

Four truck bombs killed 190 Iraqis near the Syrian border today. Dr. Cole surmises that the Sunni destabilization guerrilla movement, still obviously very much afoot, has been pushed out of Baghdad so they had to choose less central targets. It’s a big country.

It still shocks me how Bush and all the quacks in the media Glenzilla tosses about walk around if as if Iraq was perfectly all right, over four years of news like this but they still insist the United States did the right thing. Well, the rest of the world is certainly not oblivious to it, and every day we occupy Iraq we own a little more loathing and contempt, if that were possible, and our interests are put at further risk.

Until we leave the Sunni will continue to shut down Iraq. End of story.

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