Wednesday :: Aug 15, 2007

The Movie: No End In Sight

by Mary

The trailer:

And here are some of Now's interviews of key witnesses from the movie (parts one, two & three) that cover the history of the Iraq mess. More clips can be found here.

Omar Fekeiki (interviewed in part 3) believes it will take 50 years to burn out the hatred and violence that was engendered in Iraq because of the grievous errors made by the wise men of Washington at the beginning of the invasion. Retired Colonel Paul Hughes (interviewed in parts 1 & 2) has returned to Iraq to teach conflict resolution. Yet, we know the serious people in Washington believe that such a soft response as teaching conflict resolution is bad because those people are incorrigible, and that the only real solution to violence is to answer violence with even more extreme violence. (That's Tommy Friedman's out crazy-ing the terrorists theory of national security. Bush's war has been such an excellent example on how well that theory works.)

Just think, this movie only covers mistakes *after* the decision to go to war was taken. It doesn't even get into the mistakes made by the serious people in our country who gave Bush the power to go to war. (Like not realizing the guy is as crazy as he is lazy. Why would you give him the bomb?) And it is clear that way too many of the insiders still believe war is the right answer to many of the challenges to our dominance. When will they ever learn?

It's time for accountability. Stop the excuses. Stop the war. Impeach the bastards who designed this mess.

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