Wednesday :: Aug 15, 2007

Rove Viewed Through a Realist Lens

by paradox

Karl Rove left official DC political life as he virtually spent his entire career, with an audacious lie that dared one to call it starkly in its blatant magnitude: he was leaving for family reasons. Rove of course wasn’t leaving for family reasons, but one clearly noticed no one in journalism called him a plain simple liar for it.

Rove was never a political scientist, but always a blunt brutal instrument in abusive campaign tactics useful only to win some elections with slimy, underhanded viciousness, he started his career rigging a college Republican election and never looked back. An egotistical intellectual lightweight, his actual “policy” attempts and schemes were notorious failures, comic in their stupidity, but his real purpose was always to act as a vicious, instant political lever to win political fights.

Central to understanding Rove is not listening to the mainstream media about his story, for they’ve always covered and enabled Karl and his revolutionary radicals. One way to look at is Democrats and Republicans living on the same DC street for generations, basically playing the same set of rules and getting along, the DC journalism corps acting as cops, enforcing a modicum of truth and good behavior.

Then Rove and the modern Republicans moved in, who noticed the cops had corporate bosses just like they did, after they set up a private security force for a new selective interpretation of the rules (Fox News). Suddenly around 1998 Democrats and their women showed up around the block bruised and limping, even dead (Vince Foster), but the private security force and the cops, amazingly, just looked the other way.

They looked the other way and decided it was the public’s job to find the truth, so as Bush lied endlessly in 1999 the story was Gore and sighs matters. Every single time the “phenomena” of Rove is attempted to be sold in his story always remember this background of enabling to break the rules of honesty and political convention by the US “journalism” corps.

In all that time the Democrats have kept calling the police and waiting for someone to stop Rove, and like all abused ill partners they keep waiting in tragic denial for a day that will never come. Year after year they are bruised and abused, limping around, so sadly incompetent in their neurosis for a lost past where people told the truth, a time when abusive animals didn’t spread rumors about Viet Nam combat and POW vets fathering black bastards or lying about how grim, tragic medals were earned slaying humans.

The public sees the abuse, of course, but didn’t step in until 2006 to try and stop it, when it was far too late. The swift boat issue of election 2004 was not one of truth to easily refutable lies, but the perceived ability of Kerry/Democrats to fight back and effectively counter a vicious underhanded blow. The cops didn’t step in, Kerry let the bruises rain on for weeks, and a lot of voters contemptuously never trusted a guy who couldn’t fight back for himself and his people.

All of Rove’s career is like that, crude, abusive tactics that skirt and even blatantly break the law. Suddenly in 2007 Congress was no longer covering for him, and no matter how many stories an enabling “journalism” corps doesn’t tell about him (losing election 2000) the public is onto him (28% for Bush). Vamos, baby, time to rake in the chips, laugh about all the wins (a horribly long list), and rhetorically tell everyone “fuck you” as you quit for…wait for it…for family reasons.

As always there is an utter confidence and happiness in the act, such a sureness of knowledge they won’t get caught and punished for it—or for any of their crimes. No matter how many hundreds of thousands of corpses are stacked around them, no matter how thoroughly our precious Constitution is shredded by them, somehow they are utterly, positively sure they will never be held accountable for any of their heinous acts.

As a “journalism” corps babbles on about what whether Rove is a genius or not--instead of how many years he should be imprisoned--such confidence is well-founded, as we can sadly watch for the next few days. Like all criminal thugs Rove has only left pain and ruin all around him as his twin legacies, an abusive monster who was never confronted, fled at the first indication of it, and is sure his fellow gang members can cover for him in the future, whatever it takes. Not much genius there, no.

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