Wednesday :: Aug 15, 2007

From The Campaign Trail

by Jeff Dinelli

Confirming early suspicions, Karl Rove says he will indeed be involved in the 2008 campaign in an unofficial capacity. He isn't saying which GOP candidate he will get behind, but he has friends in everybody's camp and may as well just wait until after the nomination to begin spewing his vitriol. In this interview with Reuters, in which he's called "one of the smartest people in politics," he repeats his prediction Hillary will be the Dems' candidate and that she carries a lot of baggage. "There is no candidate on record, a front-runner for a party's nomination, who has entered the primary season with negatives as high as she has," Rove said in the telephone interview from Texas.

"She's not like a fresh and new character. She's someone who has been essentially known to the American people for 16 years. It's going to be hard to change the perceptions that people have had," he said.
The article cites a new Quinnipiac poll that has her unfavorable rating nationwide at 43%, down from the recently cited 49%, so perhaps she's becoming more likable despite what Rove says. The poll also shows Hillary leading Rudy nationwide.

John Edwards is moving troops out of Nevada, choosing to concentrate on earlier primary states due to lack of funds, while Hillary is opening new offices there in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, check out some of the comments Elizabeth Edwards makes about Hillary and Obama in an interview with Progressive magazine, including calling Obama "holier-than-thou" and insisting Hillary issue a "mea culpa" for her horrible 2002 Iraq vote. It's difficult to criticize Elizabeth, but it's also difficult not to hear a little Teresa Heinz Kerry here.

Stumping in Iowa, Hillary calls for increasing consumer protection standards for insurance companies and background checks for home health care workers, as the feud still reverberates from the White House around her new TV ad in that state.

In New Hampshire, Obama says he can unite the country in a way Hillary cannot, and break the country from what he calls "ideological gridlock."

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