Thursday :: Aug 16, 2007

From The Campaign Trail

by Jeff Dinelli

David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register tackles our latest issue of electability, not just Hillary's but also the guys on the Republican side. Because pro-choice Rudy is leading over there, Yepsen thinks maybe there's too much attention right now on social issues, when polled Americans are mainly interested in foreign affairs and defense, where for some reason people think Rudy excels. Mitt gets some high marks here, too, at a time when the man worth a quarter of a billion dollars is having to answer for some of his investments, including companies funding stem cell research and overseas energy firms with business ties to Iran.

Billionaire Nebraskan Warren Buffett held a huge fund-raiser for Barack Obama yesterday, after he held one for Hillary in June. When asked about Hillary, Obama repeated his latest talking point that he is a uniter, wherein we're supposed to imply that Hillary and John Edwards are not. Continuing to cast himself as an outsider, in another speech Obama said that Bush isn't the only thing wrong with the country, that politics itself must change, and he would bring more openness to Washington.

Nearly the entire Democratic field pledged to help organized labor, courting a valuable political group.

After Senator Dodd somewhat radically called for an immediate halt to all imported toys and food from China, and Edwards called for tougher standards, there's pressure on Hillary and Obama to speak out on this issue. Short of starting a trade war, there's been talk of appointing a "trade czar" to focus on monitoring imports for quality and safety. "Made in China" may mean cheaper goods at Wal-Mart, but toxic toothpaste, poisonous pet food, faulty toys and tainted shrimp are causing quite a stir.

Finally, Alegre at DailyKos offers links to sites where facts on Hillary can be found as the attacks begin to mount on the likely Democratic nominee.

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