Thursday :: Aug 16, 2007

Biden Wants Patraeus' Surge Report, Not Condi's

by Jeff Dinelli

Just heard Democratic candidate Joe Biden on the Ed Schultz radio program declare that he wants Gen. Patraeus' September report on the surge, not the White House's. At the thought of Condi Rice appearing in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee Biden said, "Not on my Committee. That's not acceptable, and I've told them that." Biden's known the general for 5 years or so and calls him a very candid, straight-forward guy, and perhaps that's why the White House wants to write its own progress report, for fear of Patraeus telling the truth about what actually is going on.

Of his campaign travels, Biden says he senses the country is "desperately ready for change, ready to get to work" on fixing the mess Bush and company have created.

UPDATE: Seems if the White House has anything to do with it, Patraeus won't have much to say at all.

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