Friday :: Aug 17, 2007

What's With Fred? Plus Other Campaign Stuff

by Jeff Dinelli

What's up with this Fred Thompson guy, and why is he up near the top of the polls? He hasn't declared his candicacy yet, his Senate record is far from impressive, and the few comments he actually has made border on the bizarre. Remember when he was supposed to jump into the fray over the Fourth of July weekend? Well now it's finally supposed to happen sometime in September, and he's offered so few specifics we still don't even know what he'd do with Iraq. Yet there he sits up amongst the Republican hopefuls' heavy hitters, teasingly hinting he may be the answer to the right wing's dream of a "Reagan-style, true conservative."

Acknowledging he "swims in the same muddy waters" of lobbyists and fund-raising that surrounds Washington, Barack Obama vows to clean it all up and change the system as president, while saying Hillary Clinton "doesn't recognize the problem." He also shrugs off the "inexperienced" charge, claiming that what Hillary's calling experience is actually "entrenched Washington ways."

Bill Richardson's top advisor in rural Nevada has resigned after it was learned he used to work at a brothel and there is a warrant out for his arrest. The guy was even skimming off the top of the girls' earnings.

While Hillary is relishing in going one-on-one with the White House right now during the primary season, there's speculation this kind of fighting could come back to haunt her during the general campaign if she makes it that far. The stuff the White House and Karl Rove are slinging back at her could stick during the general, when those old questions of electability come up again. If there wasn't so much at stake here, this would be totally fun to just sit back and enjoy watching this lady stand toe-to-toe with the GOP machine as the calendar moves towards November '08. As it stands, though, it's enough to make me really nervous.

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