Friday :: Aug 17, 2007

Looking On The Bright Side Of Hillary

by Jeff Dinelli

After my previous post, I had a disconcerting feeling that just wouldn't work for a Friday night. So instead of worrying so much about Hillary's negatives, and assuming she will be the nominee (a fairly safe bet at this point), why not look on the bright side and try to envision a winnable general election, check out some positive articles. What does America need after 8 years of Constitutional threats, chaos and scandal? Strength, stability, and experience, I say, attributes Hillary would provide in spades. Under a Clinton presidency, we of a more progressive persuasion could concentrate on holding her feet to the fire and making more inroads at the state and local level. Even the most cynical amoung us would have to admit the political terrain would look far better.

She currently has healthy leads in California polls, both against her Democratic rivals and the GOP's best and brightest(provided there is such a thing). Likewise, she's sporting a double digit lead in Nevada, a state that some, like business writer Jon Ralston, place great importance in. From The Times (UK) online, Gerard Baker convincingly explains why she deserves to be the candidate to take on the GOP (and win the Martian vote). As far as Barack Obama goes, allow's Earl Ofari Hutchinson to illustrate the Illinois newcomer's lack of staying power against the Clinton machine. Though I personally feel somehow that one day I'll be proud to cast a vote for the man, and not just in order to help him continue to be my homestate Senator.

What about the hailstorm of resistance to pour down on Hillary (and Bill) generated by the right wing, which currently resembles a wounded, cornered, angry animal? Well, it's not like they're going to pull out any suprises. The ultimate question is going to be whether or not the attacks affect the American voter. Here are "8 reasons why conservatives must defeat Hillary" from right wing blogger John Hawkins. We've heard all of this before, and should get prepared to hear a whole lot more of the same. Again, the onus here is on their ability to convince the voter at large that this stuff is legit. And, significantly, they have to provide an alternative, don't forget; a candidate who's electable from THEIR side, from a cast of characters that looks far less than impressive right now.

Look, in a perfect world, I'd be wearing a Kucinich '08 t-shirt right now and getting excited about casting a ballot that would truly represent my hopes and dreams for America. Hillary may be a compromise, but it's one I can live with, and one I have to believe can win.

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