Saturday :: Aug 18, 2007

Republican Journey to a Dark, Barren Place

by paradox

As George Bush flames politically down like a meteor it’s often been noted his blind devotion and loyalty from Party makes absolutely no sense: whatever a politician is or no matter how unpredictable humans can be, politicians can always be counted on to have an extreme sense of self-preservation. After all there is no gray area or diminishment after losing in politics, just total oblivion to nothing, it’s not like being a general practitioner instead of specialist or a less-skilled carpenter.

Well whatever, because in our time and place with the race we actually get to see an extraordinary political event: the Republicans are abandoning self-preservation, with incredulous loyalty they really…are…going to commit political suicide in the 2008 cycle. Political scientists and junkies across the country are hurriedly checking all the observation equipment and tools they have, an amazing political phenomena like this is very likely to never happen again in their lifetimes.

George Bush is a heinous animal who actually will sacrifice thousands of human lives a month and the political future of his party just so he won’t be officially labeled the Loser of Iraq. The trouble is that 25% of the population has spent seven years braying how great the Leader is and any sort of criticism is outright treachery, their elected leadership precisely in the same bind, loyalty to Bush is still to this day performed without question and criticism of Bush by Republican 2008 candidates is non-existent.

The suffering and exhausted Democratic faithful can take a little cheer this morning—we have serious problems but we are not in the process of self-immolation, no.

The first sign was recent polling by Democracy Corps (partisans, yes, but never so stupid to lie to themselves with skewed polling) showing totally solid early signs Democrats are set for a total wipeout in 2008, landslide congressional numbers that almost guarantee a smashing win for the ages.

Right on cue that week a rash of senior Republicans announced their retirements, they see the political landscape as well as anyone, of course, and at least retirement ensures going out a winner on a basic level. It also gave political scientists a tiny burst of relief, at least the humans they’ve devoted their lives to studying were behaving with a modicum of rationality and predictability.

Calmness was immediately replaced with soaring alarm as another element for the insanity of all time, war with Iran, clicked into place and then Bush, so characteristically, fell flat on his face with such childish petulance yesterday, complaining about some doofus reporting on his clothes, Jesus Christ. It seems impossible the sick oblivious mind that so lead with the chin on this outburst could command loyalty or lead anything, but such are the times we live in.

Digby wondered why Bush was so bothered, the article truly wasn’t that critical, but for an infantile twit like Bush the work was scathing in its absence, it didn’t say Bush had the big swingin’ dick on the rancho, there were no reports of big busted piles of firewood nowhere, goddamnit. How can our enemies fear us when Bush is accurately pictured as a pathetic New England Texas wannabe dweeb in those leather shoes and laughable belt buckle? Seriously, that’s totally how Bush and Cheney think, Bush truly thought the strength and security of the United States had been diminished.

It’s also an extremely bad sign on the competency of the current White House staff. Every President really screws up in petulance once in a while (Harry Truman’s petulance gaffe was responding to a negative review of his daughter’s singing), it’s no shame, but damn someone should have been smart enough to cover for Bush on this and made the incident die quickly before anyone heard of it.

Incredibly, all of this is with the Iraq occupation as the primary negative variable, yet the evil insanity of Bush no knows no bounds, truly, and if George really does pull the trigger on Iran it’s hard to see how anyone could vote Republican again, the amazing act of political hari-kari that eerily mimics the classic second cut of famed Japanese suicide played out right before us.

One keeps waiting for Republicans to return to normal, to snap out of this, but they never do. The Mahablog knows that one day, in some way, the evil of Bush will have to be dealt with, the breakup and death of the modern Republican party likely the result. The mechanism of that political suicide is the 2008 election cycle, swirling more powerfully every day that passes, an amazing event that in all fervent prayer does not take the country down along with the Republican Party.

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