Monday :: Aug 20, 2007

Rudy's Confused, Hillary Leans Right, Kucinich Right On Iran

by Jeff Dinelli

When Mayor Rudy talks about America's need to be on offense instead of defense on the fantasy war on terror, who is he implying is on defense, exactly? If he'd simply read the papers, he'd know Barack Obama has been raising eyebrows by talking about attacking Pakistan, even with nukes if necessary and with or without President Musharraf's approval, if there was a chance of capturing or killing bin Laden. Sens. Clinton and Biden have echoed these intentions. Meanwhile, he talks of avoiding the "consequences of failure" in Iraq, whatever that means, and as president, he simply wouldn't allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, without explaining how he'd do that. I guess we're supposed to believe Iran would just cower in fear rather than disobey the mighty mayor. All this combined with his recent boasts that he was at ground zero as much if not more than the rescue workers in the days after 9/11 has to make one wonder if Rudy, as Steve Chapman questions here, is grounded in reality. And if it was ok to question Bill Clinton's morality and family values after his infidelities, why would the fact that Rudy's kids completely hate him be off the table in a similar way?

After Hillary's lukewarm performance in yesterday morning's debate, it's obvious, and certainly not news, that the front-runner is staking out a middle-of-the-road, somewhat conservative territory, even this early in the primary season. This is a wise postition to be in during a general election, as long as she can hold off Obama and Edwards and secure the nomination. She seems to lean more left than her husband, but is definitely the most conservative candidate of the Dem field. Some found it significant that she expressed regret for her 2002 authorization vote on Iraq yesterday.

For a clear-headed, practical, dead-on outlook regarding Iran, take a look at Dennis Kucinich's statements from last week. If only he had a way to get his views out there, perhaps there would be a chance of him somehow influencing the Democratic platform. This man's voice needs to be heard more often.

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