Tuesday :: Aug 21, 2007

Hillary Says Surge Working; Obama Blasts Bush On Cuba

by Jeff Dinelli

Speaking in front of Kansas City's VFW yesterday, Sen. Hillary Clinton seemed to say the surge was "working," mainly in Iraq's Anbar province, but "we're just too late in changing our tactics." Huh? She did tell the veterans that the best way to honor our servicemen and women is by "bringing them home." John McCain also was there, receiving a much better reception, and he toed the Bush/Cheney line, saying pulling out of Iraq now would be a disaster, Gen. Petraeus deserves patience, and reveled in how Iraqi casualties were three times what our casualties were. What a sick man. Today Sen. Obama and Big Fred Thompson will speak before the same group, with President Bush headlining tomorrow.

Speaking of Obama, he has an op-ed piece in today's Miami Herald blasting Bush's policy of tightening restrictions on Cuban relatives wanting to visit the island or send money home. He calls such moves a strategic blunder in the effort to help Cuba's efforts towards freedom and democracy. The Cuban vote in Florida is going to be key in winning that state both in the primary and general elections.

UPDATE: I may have been a little harsh on Hillary. Misled by the AP, imagine that.

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