Tuesday :: Aug 21, 2007

John Edwards In Between the Raindrops

by John Patric

Let's say Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama really start going at each other. Senator Clinton doesn't think Senator Obama is Very Serious on foreign policy. The very next day, Michelle Obama suggests that if you can't keep your own house in order, you can't run the White House. Of course, she never meant any reference to the Clinton family. Heavens no.

Next up is the Clinton slam-back, as certain as day follows night. I'm betting it'll be somewhat oblique, but effective.

Anyway, here's Democratic Presidential candidate, John Edwards, the eternal number 3, observing what might be an increasingly nasty fight. Wouldn't it be a shame if the bickering created negatives for the Clinton and Obama campaigns and left Edwards looking as if he were above the fray, a decent guy, showing leadership by keeping it positive?

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