Tuesday :: Aug 21, 2007

Media Loses Interest In Iraq

by Steve

A new survey finds that once the Democrats caved on the ill-fated Iraq funding battle, the media began turning away from covering the war. This should not be surprising to anyone. The media follows fights and spats. Once the Democrats botched their effort and got backed into a faulty Memorial Day deadline on the funding bill, the media moved its attention to the next fight, which was the horse race for the 2008 nominations. As a result, when in hell did we ever have a serious policy debate about our choices in Iraq, and require the GOP to explain its rationale for continuing a war without political support inside either Iraq or America?

The White House knows the media gets bored without a fight to cover. If the Democrats have so many among them who would give Bush a pass for screwing sheep on the White House lawn, then why does anyone expect the Democrats to be able to reclaim the media’s attention on Iraq, especially when the public already has soured on a leadership that abandoned its own agenda to pursue an ill-fated, capital-expending pistol whipping from a team that should have been pushed back on its heels?

Quite simply, the media knows the Democrats are a bunch of pussies on Iraq and damn near everything else, so it accords them no respect whatsoever. And why should it? Can you really say that anyone in the White House is afraid of Pat Leahy, Carl Levin, or Harry Reid? Respect is earned, and if the Democrats show that they have no guts and no street smarts on how to get into a bar fight with the White House, then why should the media still cover essential policy debates about Iraq?

And as this survey shows us, and as the mixed and garbled messages from our Democratic representatives and presidential candidates show us, we are sure as hell not going to have that debate now. That ship has sailed.

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