Thursday :: Aug 23, 2007

Quick Campaign Update

by Jeff Dinelli

We have maps! Chris Bowers of Open Left has created two early red/blue general election maps; one Hillary vs. Rudy and one Hillary vs. Mitt.

Remember all that talk that Hillary was vulnerable amoung non-college educated voters? So much for that.

The Chicago Sun-Times reporter who first wrote on Michelle Obama's cheap shot against Hillary (sorry Steve) explains herself today.

In other burning news, which candidate would you rather have as a next-door neighbor? Poll results here.

And lastly, Hillary shot a duck!

Obama paid a visit to the Jon Stewart show yesterday.

On the other side, Mitt dug up an old racist codeword of the south, state's rights.

UPDATE: kos has some more head-to-head matchups in like 9 different states up on his site this morning. Hillary vs. Rudy, Mitt, and Big Fred. Still suprising that the Mayor is doing so well amoung GOP voters.

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