Thursday :: Aug 23, 2007

Bush: It's Not My Fault Everything I Did Is FUBAR

by Steve

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Bush: If you leave the mess I created, it’s all your fault for everything I started. And I fully support the losers in Baghdad who my own intelligence agencies say cannot govern their way out of a paper bag. In fact, my intelligence agencies now conveniently say the Iraqi government may topple in the next 6-12 months, so how can we leave anytime in the next several years?

Anyone who has studied Bush's record knows that:

1. He never takes responsibility for his mistakes;
2. He never admits error seriously, and blames others routinely;
3. Iraq will be passed along and blamed on his successor;
4. He will repeat the mistake with Iran in early 2008; and
5. He will leave that mess to his successor as well.

And yet no major Democratic candidate has yet stood up and given a point-by-point foreign policy speech that calls out this behavior. In the aftermath of yesterday's flip-flop that Iraq is Vietnam after Bush steadfastly rejected all comparisons before, is it that difficult for Clinton, Obama, and Edwards to finally address the issue of Bush's negligence, irresponsibility, judgment, and dereliction of duty?

Yes it is. Why? Because they hide behind criticizing the policies and outcomes, and shy away from criticizing the men themselves, even though a clear pattern has been established of Bush and Cheney's pathological behavior and malevolence. And they do this because none of them want to anger or lose any possible support from the Beltway Wise Men on Foreign Policy, most of whom bear some responsibility for the mess themselves. None of the three want to appear as cranks, radicals, or give any reason to be tarred as unserious people by the same folks who got us into this mess with their own acquiescence and misjudgments.

And yet there is an opening here for one of the top three to make the case that 1) not only was the Beltway foreign policy community wrong on damn near everything; 2) not only have Bush and Cheney been continuously irresponsible, but 3) the American people know this and are ready for candor and a real debate about what the next president needs to do to clean up George W. Bush's mess once again.

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