Saturday :: Aug 25, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

Boy, do I love Charles Pierce. I always look forward to his dispatches to Altercation on Friday. But this week he outdid himself in beautiful snark. There was this point:

You can't have missed the fact that the president this week gave the dumbest speech in the history of that office. You would not think you could stuff that much stupid into a single human being, but they managed to do it.

And this:

For the people who write our politics, presidents don't fail. They simply succeed less than some of their successors. Watch this happen. Tell me I'm wrong. Just the other day, Justice Stephen Breyer popped onto our local NPR station to talk about the anniversary of the Dred Scott decision, saying he thought it was the most destructive decision in the history of the country.

Guess again, Steve.

Damn. He deserves a gold star.

Your turn now.

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