Saturday :: Aug 25, 2007

Raw in the Endless Denial

by paradox

Life would be easier to deal with if it were easier to see. Internal combustion, steam and abundant energy everywhere (mostly leftovers from 3 billion years of life) have given us an illusion that great speed is normal, when in fact almost all of life creeps, sudden change is the exception, not the rule.

I can’t definitively state the country is gone, no one would know for sure until enough creep had passed, for enough failure and behavior to repeat itself to demonstrate beyond all doubt great change had occurred. What does crease me with scars left over is that the creep of country death—ours—has been obvious for a very long time, yet still there is no urgency to fix what is killing us, we sneer at our puppet government for August recess as our own troops die in criminal abuse, all the American leaders on vacation themselves.

Creep of country death, USA, started right after WW II when we drastically switched to internationalist instead of isolationist posture, the sole driver in our intervention moves military power. It’s striking when reading the Founders how vehement they were the country never have a standing army, their loathing of militarism held in the country until the world blew up in 1939.

Our posture of violence on a dime since then (read the depressingly long official list of countries we have bombed since WW II) to “protect and promote” our national interests has been an utter disaster. Engaging the world doesn’t mean you have to murder those who don’t agree with you, truly, but Americans have become gradually oblivious the insanity and country-killing militarism going on all around them.

We are trillions in debt and stuck in a criminal insanely expensive war, yet we spend sixty…five…billion dollars on the F-22 Raptor, a complete folly with the co-production of the F-35, the world’s most expensive fighter production ever. The Navy wants $20 billion—versus the chump change $6 billon--just for one new carrier class, all so they can electromagnetically launch jets.

Lewis Lapham thinks current US intellectual decline started, for whatever reasons, in the ascension of Reagan, the country giggled and gorged its way to lying debt and death to the point where just 25 years later the country stupidly asks itself—the Founds spinning in their graves at 1000 rpm—if having a total moron for a President truly matters or not.

The creep accelerated dramatically with election 2000: the country had lost its ability to count, to be a democracy in its prime core element, and as it was trying to find out it lost its judicial branch, the supreme court smashed the democracy and the rule of law by stealing the election for Bush, a twofer the country may never recover from. That total moron sneered at those frantic at the signs of 9/11, telling them they’d covered their asses, peevish to have his laziness disturbed.

Since then the list of heartbreaking and vivid markers of death creep—for those who have been watching—has been predictably steady. US journalism regressed into mostly a soft propaganda entity while congress gave away its power and legitimacy with the astounding MCA and FISA statutes, a tidy way to seal their demise after squandering war and fiscal powers. The 1st, 4th and 5th amendments are in complete tatters, just gone.

80% of the US citizenry is completely oblivious to the terminal nature of the country’s direction, even those who are acutely watching will sneer at those frantically worried a coup will occur, so sure in their denial reinforcements will arrive in some magical future election to stop the death rattle from finally happening (it can take a horribly long time to die, sometimes). A great majority knows something has gone very wrong, yes, but they still think we’ll snap out of death creep, somehow, that Americans have special powers of immunity from the universe. Right.

If a country has an election (such as it is) where tens of millions of children are criminally abused with no health care, with no functioning journalism, congressional or judicial branches, no bill of rights in a world that hates us, what good is the democracy, really?

If the opposition party (ha) was truly offering a reversal of our decline the inevitable, infuriating snapping and sneering that one is a performing a type of betrayal to country and party by not supporting the “opposition” would have merit. Are any of the big three 2008 Democratic candidates even correctly stating the issue that drastic reversal of everything Bush has done is our number one task going forward in 2009? Give me a break.

I’ve tried, and will continue to try, to stop all this. It is the tiniest of salves to a raw, aching wound of knowing in my time with the country we’ve truly blown it, we’re not trying to fix it, and all indications scream we are in our death throes this very moment. I’m never giving up on my people or my country, but my heart is raw, always achy with the knowledge the power to be so much better was always so easily within our grasp.

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