Monday :: Aug 27, 2007

Candidates Weigh In On Fredo's Resignation

by Jeff Dinelli

Steve has detailed the resignation of scumbag Atty Gen Alberto Gonzalez below, but what are the candidates for president saying? Here's a sampling:

"My hope is that the president will select a new attorney general who will respect the rule of law and abandon partisanship, who will serve the American people and not the president's political ideology, and who will answer to the Constitution and not political operatives." — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Well...yeah. That would be the idea. Doesn't it seem so obvious? And doesn't it seem such a long time ago we had an attorney general who wasn't in some kind of controversy?

"I have said for a long time that I thought the president would be best served if the attorney general resigned so I think it's the right thing to do." — Sen. John McCain

And isn't that what we all should be concerned about? How to best serve the president? Thanks, Kiss-Ass.

"The president must nominate an attorney general who is a lawyer for the American people, not a political arm of the White House." — New Mexico governor and Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson.

"Better late than never." — Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

I kinda like that. Somehow it helps bring out the absurdity of it all.

"I will only vote to confirm a nominee for attorney general who is truly independent and who will guarantee reforms that restore and uphold the Constitution." — Sen. Christopher Dodd

Thank you, Mr. Dodd. We'll hold you to that.

UPDATE: I just saw Hillary's full statement on MSNBC. It's worth a look.

"I think we should set a standard that the next attorney general cares about the rule of law more than he cares about protecting the president. That the next attorney general, when he takes an oath to uphold the Constitution actually means it, understands it and will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And when it comes to issues like torture and surveillance, the military commissions, the firing of US attorneys because they wouldn't pursue a partisan political agenda, we need to be especially vigilant and strong in making sure that whoever the president appoints will work with the Congress to bring us back from this precipice that this Administration has put us on, where we have lost our moral standing in the world. We have seen contempt for the separation of powers, and checks and balances, and yes, I think we can keep our country safe and strong and follow the Constitution, and the law, and have an attorney general once again we can be proud of. And that will be my standard."

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