Monday :: Aug 27, 2007

Iowa Expectation

by John Patric

It's a strange dynamic that follows from the new lead in the Iowa polls by Hillary Clinton over former front runner John Edwards. Now that he's down to 2nd and required, it seems, to more forcefully challenge the New York Senator, his campaign could enjoy the merits of "lowered expectations."

He had the lead, then he lost it. What happens now if he wins? He's the comeback kid. Or he loses to Senator Clinton in Iowa and the expectations really tank. Then, he wins in South Carolina. He's the comeback kid.

And that would be quite a boost for progressives versus so-called "corporate Democrats" -- and perhaps a new angle for bored journalists looking for ways to keep it interesting, even though they're assigned, if only temporarily, to Davenport, Des Moines and Dubuque.

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