Tuesday :: Aug 28, 2007

Hillary In The News

by Jeff Dinelli

One item I failed to mention about the cancer forum yesterday was Hillary and John Edwards being in support of a nationwide smoking ban in public places, though Edwards questioned the constitutionality of the idea. Combined with another tax hike on smokes here in Illinois, there are gonna be a lot of cold, broke smokers standing at least 15 feet from building exits in 2008.

Hillary picked up the first union endorsement of the campaign, when the United Transportation Union signed on today, though the International Association of Firefighters went with...get this...Chris Dodd. You'd think they'd have gone with 9/11 hero Rudy G, considering all the time he spent at ground zero, er, I mean, Yankees games after the attacks.

Yet another theory about Rove's calling Hillary a "flawed candidate" was published by the New York Times today. This one doesn't go with the "Rove's building Hillary up because they fear Obama or Edwards more" idea because Bush's Brain already used that one in 2004 with Kerry. This one goes with a "Rove 2.0" theory that the GOP actually does fear Hillary for foreign policy reasons, viewing Obama and Edwards as neophytes in that area. As the piece ends, Adam Nagourney kinda throws his hands up and says, who knows, maybe the guy just thinks she's a flawed candidate? Who's in favor of allowing Karl Rove to exit stage left already?

Finally, in what is good news for Democrats of any stripe, a new poll shows New Yorkers trust Hillary over Rudy on the issue of...terrorism. Seems the great Mayor isn't as bullet-proof as everyone thought in that area. If I had to bet today, I'd go with Rudy getting the dark side's nomination, and since he's running on nothing but 9/11, this is a sweet poll result. Anyone have a different idea who the Repubs are gonna throw out there for the general? What are they up to over there, anyway? Sounds like a good topic of conversation in the near future.

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