Wednesday :: Aug 29, 2007

Paradox the Independent

by paradox

I’m going down to the post office today and changing my registration from Democrat to Independent. I’m not getting over FISA, it’s making me more upset each day.

I’ve been seriously ill for years, as many of you know; the last two episodes of whatever the hell is wrong with me occurred precisely after Democrats voted to censure Gonzales and after Markos said we need to wait for reinforcements after FISA. I don’t mind dying for my country for duty, but I won’t do it to be continually abused and betrayed.

I will never vote third party, no, anything that helps Republicans I would never do. I’ll lose my ability to vote in primaries and will no longer cross-post at Daily Kos or comment there. I plan to be here this weekend, like always, trying to defeat Republicans. We shall see what happens.

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