Wednesday :: Aug 29, 2007

Can Al-Maliki And Democrats Help Each Other?

by Steve

Since we are nearing the end of August, we can expect the Democrats to be outflanked when they return to town September 4th by a White House that is ready to battle. Despite lame-brained accounts in the media that Bush wants to work with Congress, the truth is that he hasn’t and won’t change. He will fight for whatever knuckle dragging lop he nominates for AG, and his political MO will be to fight Congress on Iraq in September and the budget in October. And will the Democrats have a ready strategy to battle back? Of course not.

The irony is that a consistent pushback theme is right on the shelf ready to go. Bush wants to drop another $50 billion into Iraq as part of a “stay the course” battle cry next month, and then wants to come back and bash Congress the following month for being wasteful spenders? Are you kidding me?

The man sits by while GOP tax breaks allegedly tied to Katrina build condos at the University of Alabama for rich white folks. His administration then tells the blacks of NOLA and poor white folks of Mississippi that there is no role for the federal government to rebuild their housing stock. He wants to drop another $50 billion into Iraq untethered to political progress. And then he wants to bash Congress for wasting money.

Would it be too much to ask that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi preemptively hit the White House by framing the Iraq and budget debate in advance of September 4th with a consistent theme? Can’t Democrats set the narrative, and neuter the attack lines by forcing the White House to debate on values and priorities, on terms advantageous to Democrats, rather than just sitting there and getting hit with the 2x4 we can all see coming?

And while they are at it, if Nouri al-Maliki now says it wasn’t the surge that led to an improving security situation, but rather his efforts at political reconciliation, then can’t a sharpie like Hillary say “thanks Prime Minister; we will take that into account next month when we consider whether or not to extend the surge. Perhaps I underestimated you, and perhaps we can now start leaving and allow you to continue your fine work without us.”

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