Thursday :: Aug 30, 2007

Hillary Gets Another Union Endorsement, Will Be On Letterman Tonight

by Jeff Dinelli

Hillary Clinton picked up her second major union endorsement today when the 700,000-member International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers handed out a dual statement of support to her and Mike Huckabee, the only GOP candidate to show up at their conference this week at the Walt Disney World resort. "Hillary Clinton earned the IAM's endorsement by focusing on jobs, health care, education and trade - the bread and butter issues of the American middle class," union President Tom Buffenbarger said in a news release. "She is the only candidate of either party to come forward with a comprehensive manufacturing policy."

Recently the Wall Street Journal has been trying to make a big deal out of campaign donations from shady businessman Norman Hsu, who gave $23,000 to the Clinton campaign, along with a lot more to many other Democrats. He's been wanted in California for 15 years for a grand theft charge related to an investment scheme. Law enforcement has Hsu under wraps now, and Hillary has given the money to charity. Considering the guy generously spread his money around to many different candidates, the Journal had a good time for a week or so trying to paint him as Hillary's exclusive moneyman. Now that the story has lost its feeble legs, the WSJ will have to scramble to find some other way to hound the senator.

In what should be must-see-TV, Hillary returns to David Letterman's show tonight, her first date with Dave as a candidate for President. The NY Daily News has a hilarious Top Ten List of things Dave should ask Hillary during the interview. Willie Nelson is also on the show but I'm downplaying the chances of a duet, Willie is a big Kucinich-backer.

This weekend the campaign is breaking out their secret weapon, Democratic superstar President Bill Clinton. The media speculates a lot about how often he should be around or if he should be around at all, with the main theme being he overshadows Hillary at appearances. He certainly looks like a caged animal when he's done introducing his wife and is forced to sit still onstage, but the guy is adored by Democrats everywhere and would obviously play a large role in a Hillary administration. Surely the campaign's focus is to allow Hillary to run on her own merits, but look for Bill to show up more often as this thing progresses. Sunday the dynamic duo will be in Concord, New Hampshire, Labor Day they will appear in Iowa. Bill is doing a lot of stumping for his wife on his own, including a keynote dinner in West Virginia which one local Republican is describing as a bargain at $125 a seat. Apparently Bill usually rakes in $100,000 for an appearance.

Finally, as a new Time poll shows Hillary trailing John Edwards by just 5 percentage points in Iowa, the outspoken Elizabeth Edwards has struck again today. After lamenting the fact "we can't make John black, we can't make him a woman," she now says her husband is more electable because there's too much "hatred" of Hillary out there. Edwards has a lot to add to the debate, hopefully his campaign can stick to the issues on the other side of Labor Day.

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