Thursday :: Aug 30, 2007

Maybe We Haven’t Lost the Army Yet

by paradox

I’ve said repeatedly it’s an extremely worrisome sign that the Army and Pentagon so glibly rationalized another Vietnam on their watch, perfectly willing to sacrifice their own people to political expediency. The Army is off the reservation, in other words, always a very bad sign for any country, especially for such a militaristic one as the United States.

Yet today comes word their will be no unified assessment of Iraq surge effectiveness by the Army and Pentagon, only the analysis by individual commanders. Although that heinous animal Patreus will still lie so his troops can die for nothing, at least this is a small sign the Army is not completely lost to political freaks. Small, yes, but still there.

The Army is almost broken, equipment savaged and morale getting crushed by continuous deployment by a war with no end. Maybe two horrifying quagmires of lies in 40 years will finally teach the Army not to blindly follow the Republicans again. Maybe.

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