Friday :: Aug 31, 2007

Free Cupcakes For Everyone!

by Jeff Dinelli

Hillary Clinton made a great appearance on David Letterman's show last night, showing both a good sense of humor in an obviously comfortable setting, and also a strong resolve when needed, during answers about Larry Craig and the Iraq situation. She joked that husband Bill had already looked into the law concerning the possibility of being VP (not allowed, if you're wondering). Hillary also had a list of Top Ten campaign promises, which my kids are quite excited about, since she promised a free cupcake for every American on her birthday.

Though things look pretty close in Iowa right now, a new poll shows Hillary with a 20 point lead over Obama in New Hampshire. On the other side, Mitt Romney has a slight lead over Mayor Rudy in the state, as Mitt released a new campaign video showing off his jogging prowess. If you haven't seen it, check it out, it's really stupid. I'm sure the republicans are eating it up.

There's still talk out there about a big Clinton fundraiser who turned out to be a wanted fugitive, but beyond the talk here about the need to reform campaign financing, something about this whole story smells rotten. The guy donated to many different Dems, including Barack Obama, and the only reason I can think of that the Wall Street Journal spent the week beating up Hillary over this scandal is somebody leaked the Norman Hsu info to the media focusing on Clinton's involvement, and I suspect a rival campaign. I say stay tuned.

If you're wondering what the world thinks about our campaign, a poll shows the majority of Europeans would like to see Hillary win it.

On the other side, after already throwing 3 campaign managers under the bus, Big Fred Thompson apparently will finally enter the race September 6th via a Webcast. And perhaps the Republican candidate generating the most excitement among supporters is libertarian Ron Paul, who is an interesting story despite his lack of money and low polling numbers.

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