Friday :: Aug 31, 2007

For Once, Doing The Right Thing

by Steve

Sure, he's stealing Democratic proposals and packaging them as an administration initiative, but I applaud Bush for getting involved in the mortage meltdown and putting forward an agenda to help homeowners keep their homes.

When you are president, you have the luxury of speaking with one voice and acting as if the initiative you just outlined was your own, when in fact it was already proposed in bits and pieces by the Democrats. Then again, if the Democrats had pulled their thoughts together and come up with a script of ideas to deal with the problem, and then had all spoken out of the same hymnal the last four weeks on this, the credit for Bush getting involved would have rightly accrued to them. I frankly don't care who gets the credit right now, as long as Bush acts to help homeowners and not the lenders, which is exactly what he is doing today.

Good for him.

PS-Everything is OK at my end.

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