Tuesday :: Sep 4, 2007

Creating False Expectations?

by Steve

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Am I alone in thinking that Bush may have created a problem for himself by opening the door to possible troop withdrawals from Iraq? Sure, we all expect such craven and manipulative behavior from Bush to keep the GOP in line this month, so much so that it doesn’t surprise any of us on the center-left who have studied these criminals that Bush would hold out the faint hope that we may see troops coming home soon in order to buy more time to stay the course.

Yet Bush may now have entered a lose-lose situation here. He got the wide media reportage he was seeking from his comments yesterday, which has amped up the anticipation that he may declare a partial victory of sorts and start bringing troops home on his terms. Yet we all know that he is unlikely to do anything except use the September report as a justification for the $50 billion "stay the course until springtime" policy he decided upon months ago. The Los Angeles Times has concluded that the surge has failed, with the administration now ridiculously talking about "mini-benchmarks". And the GAO issued its report just now making the case that not much has changed for the better since the surge.

So if all we see from Bush later this month is a decision to stay the course and run out the clock, how does that help the GOP in 2008? Perhaps this is the reason why Mitch McConnell floated the safe harbor for GOP members today: if Democrats will agree that America needs to keep some troops in the region to deal with Al Qaeda and deter Iran, the Senate GOP is willing to deal.

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