Tuesday :: Sep 4, 2007

Hillary Outdrawing Obama At Campaign Stops

by Jeff Dinelli

Plenty of info here, a lot of it dealing with other candidates' complaints about Hillary calling herself the candidate of change, but one noteworthy development is the reporting of attendance at various rallies. Much has been made of Barack Obama's supposed huge crowds that flock to him at each stop, which add to his "rock star" status. Taking a few recent articles as examples, which have good info for campaign followers incidently, Hillary seems to be clearly and substantially outdrawing the Illinois Senator.

5,000 people overflowed a Clinton stop in Portsmouth, NH yesterday, where Hillary kicked off her "21st Century progressive agenda." There's a good account of this rally at MyDD here. Also yesterday in Sioux City, Iowa, she again spoke of change in front of an estimated crowd of 2,000 labor activists. Pledging to rebuild the middle class and throw out the "the cronies and ending the corruption" of the Bush/Cheney era, Clinton again drew over 2,000 people in Des Moines.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama yesterday in New Hampshire tried to make the case that "divisive, special interest" politics started with Bill Clinton's administration. Yet the massive, rock star crowd we've been hearing so much about in the mainstream media only added up to a few hundred supporters. Likewise at another gathering in Manchester, "a few hundred supporters" heard Obama tout his outsider image.

The media and Hollywood stars like George Clooney can talk all they want about Barack Obama's "electricity" and how he "energizes" the "massive" crowds that hound him everywhere he goes. The fact is, though, that Hillary is outdrawing him.

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