Thursday :: Sep 6, 2007

Make McCain Sell It

by Steve

Reuters photo

Today, former General James Jones and his commissioners presented their findings to the Senate Armed Services Committee on the capability of Iraqi forces to assume responsibility for their own security. As was to be expected, even though Jones confirmed that the Iraqi Army would need another 12-18 months before they could take over, and even though he confirmed that we need to start over with the Iraqi police forces, he gave John McCain the answer McCain was looking for when it came to the wisdom of any withdrawal dates.

Jones said any withdrawal deadlines would be counterproductive, and that such decisions should be made by the commanders on the ground. (Poor, clueless Jones actually thinks that such decisions would be relayed to Congress unfiltered by this White House) McCain ran with that answer and used it to batter Democrats as "armchair generals" operating in air conditioned offices inside the Beltway, who should defer to the generals and drop any talk of a withdrawal. McCain was fresh from an air-conditioned, armchair general, pro-war event with Joe Lieberman.

Fine. Go ahead John, step out from behind your rhetoric and sell it.

If McCain thinks that the only reasonable course of action is a furtherance of an auto-pilot war funded without strings and decided by the generals on the ground and not Washington, then let McCain author the GOP war funding resolution on the $50 billion. Make him and Mitch McConnell find the 51 60 votes for it. Reid, and yes, even Hillary, should publicly tell McCain and McConnell "you go get the votes to rubber stamp this war, and you explain it to the American people."

This will create a real problem inside the Senate GOP caucus. But that isn't Reid's problem. Make the GOP sell it, and make them own it, while reminding voters that Democrats don't have the votes to stop the war without filibustering the funding bill.

And then the Democrats can ask the public on the sixth anniversary of 9/11 next Tuesday why the GOP wants to rubber stamp money for a war that has done nothing to stop the man who carried out those crimes, a man still running free who looks more rested and younger-looking than he has in years.

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