Friday :: Sep 7, 2007

Hillary Takes On Military Brass Regarding Iraq

by Jeff Dinelli

At a Senate Armed Services committee hearing yesterday morning Senator Clinton took advantage of most of the members running off to vote on something. Junior Senators usually don't get to speak up very often so Hillary stuck around and got to grill General James Jones, who had been citing great military success in Iraq. Hillary wanted to know why Iraqi politicians hadn't stepped up and made any success on that, more important front.

"If we take away deadlines, take away benchmarks, take away timelines, what is the urgency that will move them to act?" she said. "The administration and the Iraqi government keep moving the goalposts for success, and I am deeply concerned that we are not going to see any difference in 12 to 18 months.

"We'll see more American casualties and we'll see the opportunity costs of getting bogged down in Iraq," she continued, at the expense of tending to China, the Middle East, and other parts of the world.

Hillary also stated on the record that she had sent a list of 20 questions on Iraq to the President. I'll keep an eye out for that list, but for now take comfort in the fact that she's rattling some cages within the military brass.

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