Saturday :: Sep 8, 2007

Just Win, Baby // Open Thread

by paradox
Oakland Raiders

Yeah I said I’d register as an Independent, and no I haven’t mailed the card in yet.  I don’t want to leave the little people behind and I’m stuck.

Whatever.  I go my own way, yeah, but I still listen to folks.  When Christy Harden Smith, Joan McCarter, Digby and Jane Hamsher say we have a real candidate that must be supported at all costs, even in an off-year, well, I have to respect that.

Oakland Raiders

Fine.  I’ll gamble on NFL football and give the winnings to candidates and causes I am absolutely positive are essential to liberal politics.  Of course I’m serious, it’ll be fun.

First up:  Darcy Burner, WA-08!  Who carries the ball for her?  The Oakland Raiders!  $100 on Oakland -2.5 (they have to win by 3 for the bet to win), $90 payoff, $40 in the kitty for next week and $50 to Darcy Burner.

Jeff Dinelli, who is a god damn Cowboy fan, will be my partner in crime on Saturday nights. I’ll let him take the rest away, good night, gentle people, may the sweet smack of shoulder pads be in your dreams always.


Honored to share a post with Paradox, this is Jeff, known to most of you as TLC's Hillary reporter.  I thought about trying to get a pick from her for our post, but she'd probably just pick the Bears every time and what fun would that be?  First off, I love the Raiders this week, too, since I also placed a bet with the local bookie, taking the Raiders and giving 2 points.  I don't condone illegal gambling in any way, so children, don't try this at home.  But being a true professional like Paradox, I revel in the warrior spirit.  The goddamn Lions won't know what hit them tomorrow, the Raiders will stomp on the tundra, and likely Detroit's family members won't even make it out of Oakland alive. 

So we both love the Raiders this week.  I'm also going to add a sure thing bet myself, the Dallas Cowboys, led by Eastern Illinois University grad Tony Romo at QB, who dumped Carrie Underwood to concentrate more on his football schemes.  That's dedication.  They're giving 5-1/2 to the deeply confused NY Giants, who just came out of a terrible pre-season camp and will wilt under the bright lights of primetime NBC Sunday Night Football, featuring our own Keith Olbermann in the studio. 

Olbermann and Romo is a force straight out of an old comic book, like when they'd have those special issues where Spider Man would team up with Superman to combine talents to stop some evil goings-on.  They're unstoppable, and the 'Boys will trounce the Giants, I recommend you take a bunch of money and.....oh, wait, I've already stated I don't condone that behavior.  Point is, my EIU compatriot Romo has talent all around him, led by Terrell Owens, he of the league-leading 13 TD catches of a year ago, while the Giants just have question marks. 

I just had a giant steak cooked on the grill, and am ready to talk some football.  What's more American than that?  Red meat and the glorious violence of the NFL.  Please join in with your picks for tomorrow, or, if you dare, question our expert opinions.  I'm warning you now, though, do not send in any ill will directed at the silver and black of the Raiders, for Paradox and I will not only threaten you with bodily injury, we'll both write you off our Christmas lists.  I'm quite excited about this new idea of Paradox' to talk football, thanks to Steve and Mary for allowing it to happen, and (shut up, already, Dinelli!!), let's get it on!

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