Tuesday :: Sep 11, 2007

Starting a Conversation about Senator Obama's 2008 Campaign

by David G

As Mary noted on Saturday, I will be the Obama contributor/blogger on this site and will be tracking the events and statements of Senator Obama as his presidential campaign kicks into high gear.

Let me first thank Mary and Steve for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts on the Obama Campaign. Over the next period of months, I hope to not only inform readers about the Senator's positions and views, but persuade readers to believe in Senator Obama's campaign as passionately as I do.

I have two goals in this first entry. First, I want to give you, the readers, some information on my background.

When I first met Barack Obama he wasn't yet a U.S. Senator but rather my Professor at the University of Chicago Law School. It was in that seminar room, long before his 2004 convention speech and this presidential campaign, where I saw firsthand his enormous talent. More than anything else, the leadership trait that stuck out the most was his ability to listen and engage people. It sounds simple but I honestly believe that his knack for allowing "people see the best in each other" that has catapulted him into the national spotlight in such short order.

In that vain, let me link to two major profiles, from the New Yorker and Rolling Stone, which I think best capature this talent. What I appreciate most about these profiles is that they provide an unvarnished account of the man and his campaign, highlighting both his talents and his inherent limitations as a candidate (though not as a President in my opinion). They also line up nearly perfectly with the person I got to know in Law School.

Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/13390609/campaign_08_the_radical_roots_of_barack_obama/

The New Yorker: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/05/07/070507fa_fact_macfarquhar

Second, I was hoping that in the comments section people would tell me what topics or concerns specifically they would like me to address in detail. Currently, in addition to tracking the campaign's events and statements, I plan to post about these topics:

1) Why partisan Democrats should embrace Senator Obama's governing philosophy;
2) Senator Obama record of accomplishment on progressive causes;
3) The Obama campaign's unique organizing strategy

Let me close by noting that Senator Obama will be giving a major speech on Iraq tomorrow. For some details see here: http://www.barackobama.com/2007/09/10/obama_scheduled_to_make_iraq_s.php I will blog about the speech tomorrow.

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