Wednesday :: Sep 12, 2007

Reid Says No To Olson

by Steve

After Chuck Schumer demonstrated weakness once again last night on the possible nomination of GOP hatchet man Ted Olson to be the new Bush cover-up man as AG, Harry Reid left no such uncertainty today. Reid all but said that he will filibuster any attempt by Bush to install a miserable cretin like Olson as AG.

Make no mistake, Bush wants to do this to shore up his support amongst the base. As long as Senate Democrats know Bush is willing to replace the criminal and inept Gonzales with the craven and dangerous Olson for purely provocative reasons, then Democrats might as well signal now that he won't be confirmed no matter what. Sure, Joe Lieberman will stomp his feet that another good fascist isn't being rubber-stamped into the administration, and David Broder and the rest of the Beltway class will attack Democrats for not confirming a member of the Cocktail Weenie crowd regardless of his record of gross partisanship. But if Bush wants to toss aside the imperative of finding someone who could pull the DOJ out of the partisan wreckage he and Karl Rove created, then Democrats might as well prepare for all out war now.

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