Thursday :: Sep 13, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

Stupid Bush Administration tricks:

The Times reports that the administration is betting that Democrats "will pay a political price if they try to block confirmation of a new attorney general. The thinking inside the White House is that Democrats cannot call for new leadership at the Justice Department, then block it."

I'm sure the American public will severely punish the Democrats if they don't immediately give in to Bush. And sure, the vast American public will rise up en masse to back Bush in his choice.

What this means, of course, is the dwindling numbers of Bush apologists (think Dobson, Limbaugh, Coulter) will whip their followers into hounding the Democrats while the rest of the country yawns. As our Representatives sometimes have a problem distinguishing between AstroTurf and real public pressure, they do need to hear from us that Bush's terrible nominee is dead on arrival.

It's your turn now.

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