Thursday :: Sep 13, 2007

Thompson's "Right with God" not Dobson

by Erin Alecto

Months ago, before Thompson declared he would run, James Dobson of "Focus on the Family" fame expressed his doubts about the potential candidate's religious credentials, stirring up a kerfuffle amongst the "faithful." Now that Thompson has thrown his hat in the ring, it appears the doubts are still there:

Robert Parham of the Baptist Center for Ethics said Thompson should clear up any confusion about his church affiliation and attendance.

"The American people will decide in due time whether Thompson is a man who can be trusted in the Oval Office," Parham said. "Right now, however, voters deserve to know the truth about Thompson's churchmanship, if any."

Well, Fred Thompson has given his answer and may have alienated a large portion of potential GOP voters:

Asked about his religious beliefs during an appearance before about 500 Republicans in South Carolina yesterday, Fred Thompson said he attends church when he visits his mother in Tennessee but does not belong to a church or attend regularly at his home in McLean, Va., just outside Washington. The actor and former senator, who was baptized in the Church of Christ, said he gained his values from "sitting around the kitchen table" and said he did not plan to speak about his religious beliefs on the stump. "I know that I'm right with God and the people I love," he said, according to Bloomberg News Service. It's "just the way I am not to talk about some of these things."

Gee, I wonder how that's going to play with the evangelical crowd hoping to continue their radical agenda deeper into the new century. Or will it make any difference at all with Republican voters?

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