Thursday :: Sep 13, 2007

Iran attack update

by Erin Alecto

There's a scandal brewing today concerning one of the leading drum beaters for the Iran war, and it looks like it's going to be a doozy!

A former consultant to ABC's investigative unit admitted yesterday that he put his name on a purported interview with Barack Obama that he never conducted.

Alexis Debat, a former French defense official who now works at the Nixon Center, published the interview in the French magazine Politique Internationale. He said he had hired a freelance journalist to conduct the interview, in which the Democratic presidential candidate supposedly said that Iraq was "already a defeat for America" that has "wasted thousands of lives." Debat said he had been unable to locate the intermediary, and the Obama campaign says no such interview took place.

Mr. Debat says he was scammed and in a letter of response to a post at TPM, says plans to bring legal action against Pascal Riché, a former associate who claims Debat is known for making things up.

So how does this connect to the purported imminent attack on Iran? Will Bunch at Attytood connects the dots:

Simply put, Debat -- a former French defense official who now works at the (no, you can't make these things up) Nixon Center -- has also been a leading source in pounding the drumbeat for war in Iran, and directly linked to some bizarre stories -- reported on ABC's widely watched news shows, and nowhere else -- that either ratcheted up fears of terrorism or that could have stoked new tensions between Washington and Tehran.

If you remember, Alexis Debat is one of the main sources for the "US 3-day blitz plan" touted by Iran attack believers last week. Be sure to read the entire post, as well as the updates by Laura Rozen and at The Blotter, which is saying, "Clinton, Pelosi, Greenspan, Bloomberg, Gates, Annan Also Say Interviews 'Fakes.'" This looks like a big one, folks, and perfect timing, too, what with Bush's big speech this evening. Could be interesting, to say the least.

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