Thursday :: Sep 13, 2007

So Many Questions

by Steve

Here are a few questions for us to ponder on this Thursday afternoon:

Why hasn't the American media noticed General Petraeus's apparent Eisenhower complex, giving his multi-year plan for Iraq a new meaning?

Why are we only hearing now that CENTCOM commander Admiral William Fallon has so little respect for Petraeus?

Isn't it time to discard that right wing talking point that the military is strongly pro-Bush?

Is Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell mortally wounded politically, especially if he admits he lied to Congress?

Why does the right wing not care if John Boehner trivializes the loss of thousands of American soldiers, but becomes incensed when MoveOn runs hard at General Petraeus?

If the administration is adamantly opposed to a hard or soft partition of Iraq, why are Bush’s oil industry friends cutting deals with the Kurds to undermine a central Iraqi government?

If Iran is the major problem now in the region, why is Iranian president Ahmadinejad sounding like a man who has quietly reached an agreement with the Saudis to stabilize Iraq once we finally decide to leave?

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