Thursday :: Sep 13, 2007

Will He Really Bring Up Korea?

by Steve

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I would hope that as Democrats Jack Reed and John Edwards prepare to offer rebuttals to Bush's speech tonight, they point out the horror of Bush using Korea as an example of his chosen policy for Iraq. For Bush to send a signal tonight that he envisions a decades-long American presence and yes, occupation of Iraq, using an incorrect comparision to Korea as his model, he is telling the American people that it needs to pay $200 billion a year for the next decade, and lose thousands of lives just to make Osama Bin Laden's job very easy.

By bringing up Korea, Bush has unwittingly collared the GOP to a historic and crushing defeat next year. Democrats can now start pounding their GOP opponents with the Korea and Vietnam analogies anew. Voters may believe that we will have large numbers of troops in Iraq for the next five years, but that doesn't mean Democrats can't offer a better way forward that doesn't break our military and our children's future.

When the pro-war cabal inside the GOP and the manly Beltway pundits grab their balls and snort about defeatism and surrender, Democrats need to tell these armchair warriors to explain why Iraq needs to be Korea to the mothers and fathers who have lost sons and daughters in Iraq; to the wives and children who have lost husbands and dads in Iraq, and to those still yet to die.

If this was really going to be the response in September all along, that we need to turn Iraq into Korea, then Democrats need to ask America "is that what you signed on for?"

It obviously isn't what the Iraqis signed up for.

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