Saturday :: Sep 15, 2007

Waiting for the Truth on Iraq

by paradox

Watching and waiting with attempted detachment to the disgusting and bloody American political environment one wonders if one—just one—United States politician anywhere will ever just speak the plain truth about Iraq: we lied to ourselves and our people to wage a terrible war we now cannot fix. We’re getting the hell out of Iraq, all of us, and doing the best we can with what we’re left with.

So far official Washington DC Establishment insists on lying to the people to an increasing tempo of baffling bullshit (we’re going, we’re staying, we’re losing, we’re winning, we’re surging, we’re bringing our boys home) until it finally just all becomes white media noise, until the truth is spoken, some glorious day, all the rationalization chatter becomes totally meaningless, just a long wait for liars to grow up.

It’s as if a Father was foolish enough to listen to the grandiose schemes of his 19 year old son and co-signed for some crazy mining business scheme in Paraguay. The son disappears for 2 years blowing half the family fortune and hurting a lot of people, showing up one day a little hurriedly but loudly proclaiming everything’s great, man we kicked some serious ass!

Father patiently notices, however, that despite all the yap no fresh checks have arrived as deposits to his bank account, and incredulously this cherished offspring really thinks familial trust and love can cover anything. Private cell phone calls and emails from unseen work machines bring partial news of the truth, discreet inquires are made and more answers gradually arrive, while all the time this precious progeny, this model of child development, continues to desperately thrash in a series of lies, hoping absurdly for a magical day when he really can talk his way out of it.

He’s also comically unaware that his Father isn’t an idiot, he wasn’t born yesterday and of course he’s aware he’s being lied to on a daily basis. It never occurs to the son that at some point character can’t be coerced into a boy, a man has to choose it and take the inevitable lumps and pain that go with it, and no matter how outrageous the situation becomes his Father will have to wait patiently for him to grow up, if he ever does.

Dick Cheney and George Bush, Democrats and Republicans in Congress, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, the corporate Media, politicians running for President: the great America is lead by lying murderers. Jesus Christ, we and all the freaking planet know, okay? We know. You’re thieves who squandered and stole the greatest fortune of all time. We get it. There isn’t anything to report but losing and failure for the country’s strategic and moral interests. No shit, you chattering dunces!

Yet all our blathering political and media class to this very day run around in circles of fantasy about Iraq, insisting on lying to themselves that they can yap their way out of this roaring maelstrom of failure, simply oblivious that everyone else knows the truth and has been wondering for a long, long time if American leadership can ever stop lying to itself, no matter how comical or utterly pathetic the delusion becomes.

Until the lying stops Iraq will continue to sear the US into humiliating failure and defeat, for once nothing can cover for America this time. There is no way out if except openly accepting all the horrible truth about what we’ve done, and some days it seems as if our DC leadership never will pass beyond adolescence and admit the plain truth.

We’re lying killers, we lost the war, we squandered a trillion dollars, there is no way to fix any of it. Until it’s plainly spoken for the love of baby Jesus have the sense to shut up, it’s embarrassing to hear all the lying year after year, finally wake up and realize no one’s listening until the truth is spoken.

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